dea software

Working with data envelopment analysis software is very simple. You can enter data and having a few clicks you can receive output report.

dea software

Output report of dea software includes the following:


Efficiency chart

peers (reference sets)

peer weight (lambda)

peer count

input slacks

output slacks

input targets

output targets

Dual variable for input

Dual variable for output

and …

 in dea software :


returns to scale:

Constant returns to scale (CRS)

Variable returns to scale (VRS)

Decreasing returns to scale (DRS)

Increasing returns to scale (IRS)

Free disposability hull (FDH)

Add scaling up and down, but only with integers)


Basic Radial Models

Radial Super Efficiency Model

Basic Additive Models

DEA Software features:

Having a free version

Capability of copy and paste from excel; you can easily enter data from excel.

No limitation on the number of DMUs, inputs and outputs

Very easy usability


Full help

Full output

Fast running speed

Ability of using demo version (free but with limitation) in order to get familiar with software