DEA Software is simple and easy to use

enter specifications of  your DEA project

DEA model:

  • Basic radial models (ccr,bcc)
  • Radial super efficiency models
  • Basic additive models

Return to scale:

  • CRS (constant return to scale)
  • VRS (Variable return to scale)
  • IRS (Increasing return to scale)
  • DRS (Decreasing return to scale)
  • FDH (Free disposability hull)
  • Additivity (scaling up and down, but only with integers)


  •  Input Oriented
  • Output Oriented

Create a table to insert data

Enter the number of inputs, outputs and DMUs, and then click on “create table” button.

Enter data

You can enter your data into a table. The initial columns are related the input (the number of inputs you enter) the next columns are associated with the output (the number of outputs you enter).

As shown in Figure, the first row shows the type of data (input/output).

In the second row, you can enter the name of each input or output.

In the first column, you can also enter the name of DMUs.

You can manually enter names, but it is strongly recommended to save the data to Excel or the Word Table in order to avoid wasting time, then copy  and  paste them in the table all together.

Now, when you click on “output”   button, you see the results of DEA Software.


View results

In the result page, you can view performance, references, Peer Frequencies, Lambdas, Input weights, Output weights, Input slacks, Output slacks, Target inputs , Target outputs

 You can also download Excel and Word files of the results.

The following figure shows the results of a project: