What is online software?

Online software (or a web-based application) is software that uses cloud computing to provide the services. In other words, you can run the software without the need to install it while using Internet browser and connecting to the Internet.

Which of the multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) methods provide on the website?

DEA – Data Envelopment Analysis

Fuzzy AHP – Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Fuzzy Vikor – Fuzzy Vise Kriterijumska Optimizacija I Kompromisno Resenje

Fuzzy TOPSIS – Fuzzy Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution

Fuzzy Dematel – Fuzzy Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory

Vikor – Vise Kriterijumska Optimizacija I Kompromisno Resenje

TOPSIS – Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution

Dematel – Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory

SAW – Simple Additive Weighting

Fuzzy SAW – Fuzzy Simple Additive Weighting

PROMETHEE – Preference Ranking Organization Method for Enrichment of Evaluations

ANP – Analytic Network Process

Fuzzy ANP – Fuzzy Analytic Network Process

Pairwise comparison tool (questionnaire of AHP | fuzzy AHP | ANP | fuzzy ANP)


The methods based on which the software is developed are continuously added to the site.


How do I register on the website?

Click on the “Register” button at the top of the site, and fill in the” Registration Form”

How do I get my password if I forgot it?

Click on “Forgot Password” link on the login page and reset the password.

How do I create a new project?

If you already have an account, you select “Login” and click “New Project” at the top right corner of site. If you have not bought a software package, a “Purchase” button will display, if you have bought it, the “New Project” button will appear, and it will show the expiration date for a software package and the number of created projects.

How to purchase the desired software package?

Select “Login” after your account is registered. From the User menu, click “Purchase”, after you select your desired software; you can see a pricing table. The page showing the invoice will be appeared by selecting the desired item, then select the type of payment method and make a payment.

How do I get a list of all projects created by me?

Select “Login”. Click “Project List” at the top left corner of site to get a list of all projects created by you. In this section, you can edit the project, view an output report, delete the project and copy it.

How do I get a list of all payments made by me?

Select “Login”. Click “Transactions” at the top left corner of site to get a list of all payments made by you.

Software Run

Does all software provide a free demo version?

Yes. All software provides a free demo version. In the free demo version of software, there is a limit on the number of software inputs, but the output is the same as the full version of software.

How do I run software provided on the

Working with the software is very simple. First, you enter the name of the project, and then you enter settings and data according to the type of software. Finally, you get an output report. You can also download Excel and Word files.

Are there any limitations to using MCDM software?

No. In the free demo version of the software, there is a limit on the number of criteria and alternatives, but there is no limit to a project implementation. In the non-free versions of the software, the number of criteria and alternatives is specified based on the type of software package, and also there is no limit on the number of software runs.

How do I get a output report of software?

After running the software, “Output Report” page containing all the steps of the MCDM method step by step along and the calculation table of each step will be displayed. You can also download an output report in Excel and Word formats.

What should a report output in Excel format include?

In the report output in Excel format, there are all the input data for each expert, the mean input data and all the tables of each step of the MCDM method.


What are the advantages of using the online MCDM software?

Accessibility: You can access the online MCDM software from anywhere and at any time with the help of an internet connection.

Cross-platform compatibility: Online MCDM software can run on multiple platforms, including Windows and Mac.

No need for the installation: There is no need to install online MCDM software on the devices.

Automatic updates: It will be updated automatically without user intervention.

Scalability: It can easily be scaled up to meet the changing needs and shifting requirements.

Low cost: It often has lower initial and maintenance costs.

Collaboration: It facilitates the remote collaboration among many users.

Security: It includes the security measures to protect a user’s data.

Customization: It has the ability to adapt the software to the specific needs.

Minimum hardware requirements: Hardware requirements and power consumption of online MCDM software are lower than those of installed software.

Who can use

Individuals, companies or organizations (including businesses, government-owned companies, non-profit organizations) which need to make complex decisions with multiple criteria can benefit from using the website related to the MCDM.

What are some of the most common applications of online MCDM software for organizations?

Online MCDM software can be used for various purposes, such as project management, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting and finance, prioritizing projects or tasks, employee performance evaluation, sales and marketing, etc., in an organization.

How the online MCDM software is useful for an organization?

Online MCDM software may be useful for an organization by providing a systematic and objective approach to the decision making process considering multiple criteria. This can result in more informed decision making, increased productivity and improved organizational performance.

Can a students use the MCDM site to perform their projects or theses?

Yes. University students can use the MCDM site as a tool to perform their projects or theses. They can easily enter the relevant data and make the best decision when getting an output report.

Can professors incorporate the MCDM site into their instruction?

Yes. Professors can incorporate the MCDM site as a tool for teaching decision-making skills in their instruction. Running the MCDM software and viewing the output reports step by step can help students to better understand the MCDM methods.

Can the MCDM site be used to perform the interdisciplinary studies?

Yes. The MCDM site can be beneficial to perform the interdisciplinary studies because it provides a structured approach to decision-making that can be employed in the fields or disciplines.


I want software implementation to be done by you; will you do it for me?

To do this, you make a request by sending a file containing specifications for a project and your data to us from the Orders section. After checking by the experts, you will be notified whether it is done or not. If it can be done, the time and cost of software implementation will be announced to you, and if you agree to what you see and pay the fee, we will begin software implementation for you.

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