fuzzy vikor software

Fuzzy vikor software

fuzzy vikor software

Working with fuzzy vikor software is very simple:

1. Define criteria and  alternatives

2. Enter / create a fuzzy scale

3. Enter decision matrix data

4. Get the full output

Why Fuzzy vikor Online Software?

User friendly

The full output

The complete Help

Demo version

No need to install

Editing each project

Fuzzy vikor Software Output Report

The software output report presents all steps of fuzzy Vikor:

Decision matrix
Normalized decision matrix
Best to worst score for each criterion
Calculate S, R and Q for each criterion
Rank the alternatives based on S, R and Q
Rank the alternatives based on a compromise solution

Fuzzy vikor Software Features:

No limit on the number of the criteria

No limit on the number of the alternatives

No limit on the number of experts

The possibility to determine criterion weight and type

The possibility to define the desired fuzzy scale

The possibility to edit each project

The possibility to copy-paste matrix decision data into software from Excel

The possibility to delete / edit / retrieve each expert

And so on

Pictures of Fuzzy vikor Software Steps

fuzzy vikor software picture

Fuzzy vikor Software Price: