Fuzzy AHP software

fuzzy ahp software

Working with fuzzy AHP software is very simple:

1. Draw the hierarchical chart

2. Select/create your own fuzzy scale

3. Fill the pair comparison tables

4. Get the full output

Why Fuzzy AHP Online Software?

User friendly

copy and paste from excel

The complete Help

Demo version

No need to install

Editing each project

Fuzzy AHP Software Output Report:

  • Display and download  hierarchical graph
  • Weights of criteria, sub-criteria and alternatives relative in the higher level and with respect to goal
  • Inconsistency ratio for each pairwise comparison matrix
  • Download the pairwise comparison excel file related to each expert
  • Download Word file
  • and …

Fuzzy AHP Software Features:

Simple design
Change the graph appearance
No limit on the number of criteria/ sub-criteria
No limit on the number alternatives
Instant design
Different types of default fuzzy scales

Create your own scale
No limit on the number of experts
Observe the average of experts’ judgments
Calculate the consistency ratio (CR)
The possibility to copy-paste data from Excel
Editing each project

Fuzzy AHP Software pictures:

Fuzzy AHP Software Price: