DEA Software

DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) Software is Designed to be User-friendly & Efficient in Conducting Data Envelopment Analysis.

dea software

With DEA Software You Can  :

1. Choose DEA Model

2. Input Your Data

3.  Obtain the Complete Report

Why choose DEA Online Software?

User-friendly interface

Easily Copy & Paste from Excel

Comprehensive Help

Free Demo Version

No installation Required

Edit Each Project

DEA Software Output Report:

Efficiency Chart
Peers (Reference Sets)
Peer Weight (Lambda)
Peer Count
Input Slacks

Output Slacks
Input Targets
Output Targets
Dual Variable for Input
Dual Variable for Output
& So On …

DEA Model & Returns to Scale:


  • Basic Radial Models
  • Radial Super Efficiency Model
  • Basic Additive Models
  • Input / Output Oriented

Returns to Scale

  • Constant Returns to Scale (CRS)
  • Variable Returns to Scale (VRS)
  • Decreasing Returns to Scale (DRS)
  • Increasing Returns to Scale (IRS)
  • Free Disposability Hull (FDH)
  • Add Scaling Up & Down, (but only with integers)

DEA Software Screenshots:

DEA Software Price:

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Choose Your Plan
  • number of software run:

    number of software run:
  • Maximum # of DMU:

    Maximum # of DMU:
  • Maximum # of Inputs:

    Maximum # of Inputs:
  • Maximum # of Outputs:

    Maximum # of Outputs:
  • number of software run:

    Unlimited Projects
  • Maximum # of DMU:

    5 DMU
  • Maximum # of Inputs:

    2 Input
  • Maximum # of Outputs:

    2 Output
20 1 month
  • number of software run:

    5 Projects
  • Maximum # of DMU:

    10 DMU
  • Maximum # of Inputs:

    10 Input
  • Maximum # of Outputs:

    10 Output
34 2 month
  • number of software run:

    50 Projects
  • Maximum # of DMU:

    50 DMU
  • Maximum # of Inputs:

    50 Input
  • Maximum # of Outputs:

    50 Output
90 3 month
  • number of software run:

    Unlimited Projects
  • Maximum # of DMU:

    Unlimited DMU
  • Maximum # of Inputs:

    Unlimited input
  • Maximum # of Outputs:

    Unlimited output

What is Data Envelopment Analysis?
Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is regarded as a non-parametric strategy in operations and economic research that measures or assesses the performance of production units. In this context, the production unit can include factories as well as service companies. Consequently, data envelopment analysis can be applied to any economic activity, and the efficiency of decision-making units in that area can be obtained.


Is there software available for DEA?

Yes, the DEA software is categorized into two types: online and offline. The online DEA software does not require installation and is more cost-effective.

Do you offer the free download of PIMDEA (PIM DEA software) on your website ‘’?

No, the ‘’ website only provides the online DEA software.

 Is there a free version of the DEA software??

While the DEA software does not offer a free download, you can register to access the demo version (online) on the website.

 What is the significance of DEA online software ?

The DEA software is not available for free download on; instead, it operates online. This implies that users can input their data, select their model, and receive output in Excel, Word, and HTML formats.

Is there software available for DEA analysis, and which one would you recommend?

Certainly, there are several options for DEA software. The online DEA software on the Onlineoutput website stands out with its enhanced features, user-friendly interface, and affordability compared to other alternatives

 Do the developer rights comply with the ‘Onlineoutput DEA Software’?

Yes, all the steps of the DEA software are devised by the ‘Onlineoutput’ website and are exclusive to this platform. All rights are reserved for ‘Onlineoutput.

How many types of “Returns to Scale” exist in the DEA software tool?

Currently, there are six types of “returns to scale” in the DEA software tool and will be more soon. These six types are:

Constant returns to scale (CRS)

Variable returns to scale (VRS)

Decreasing returns to scale (DRS)

Increasing returns to scale (IRS)

Free disposability hull (FDH)

Add scaling up and down, (but only with integers)

Can the “EMS DEA software” be utilized on the website?


Can the “Network DEA software” be accessed on the website?

Presently, it is not available, but the inclusion of the “Network DEA software” on the website is planned for the near future.

Is the “DEA software for Mac” accessible on the website?

The DEA software is entirely web-based, requiring no installation, and is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and more

Is it possible to execute the “Nonlinear Data Envelopment Analysis” on the website?

Currently, it is not accessible, but there are plans to integrate it into the website in the near future..