Dematel method

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what is Dematel?

DEMATEL (Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory) is a method for analyzing complex systems and identifying causal relationships between factors. It’s used to visualize and solve problems in various fields, such as management, economics, and engineering.

Dematel steps

Define Problem

Identify factors involved in the problem, clarify goals and objectives

Establish Matrix

Create a direct relation matrix by pairwise comparisons of factors

Normalize Matrix

Normalize the direct relation matrix to ensure equal weights

 Calculate Total

Calculate the total relation matrix using the normalized matrix

Calculate Degrees

Calculate the influence degree and relation degree for each factor

Analyze Results

Analyze the results to identify causal relationships and key factors


The DEMATEL software features a user-friendly interface, allowing easy copying and pasting from Excel. It includes comprehensive help and a free demo version. With no installation required, users can edit each project individually, making it a convenient tool for DEMATEL analysis

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Dematel books

Dematel Books

Explore our comprehensive collection of DEMATEL books, featuring renowned authors and experts in the field. Each book is accompanied by a brief summary, providing an overview of its content and focus. Discover the latest research, methodologies, and applications of DEMATEL in various industries

Dematel Articles

This section features a collection of articles related to DEMATEL, written by various authors. Each article provides an in-depth exploration of DEMATEL’s concepts, applications, and methodologies, offering a range of perspectives and insights into this decision-making technique

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Dematel FAQ

Dematel FAQ

This FAQ section provides detailed explanations on DEMATEL’s fundamental and advanced concepts, steps, software, and implementation, addressing common queries and concerns through a question-answer format, offering a comprehensive understanding of the decision-making method

Dematel Example

This section presents various case studies and examples from different fields, demonstrating the application of DEMATEL in real-world scenarios, illustrating how the decision-making method can be used to analyze and solve complex problems in various domains

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Dematel in blog

Dematel in Blog

The blog section features articles and posts on DEMATEL and other multi-criteria decision-making methods, providing insights, tutorials, and discussions on their applications, benefits, and limitations, as well as industry trends and best practices in decision analysis and management