Fuzzy Analytic hierarchy process

what is Fuzzy AHP?

Fuzzy Hierarchy Analysis integrates fuzzy logic with Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to handle uncertainty in decision-making by converting subjective judgments into objective criteria for complex decisions.

Hierarchy Structure

The decision problem is broken down into a hierarchical structure, comprising the main goal, criteria contributing to the goal, sub-criteria, and alternatives.

Pairwise Comparisons

In Fuzzy AHP, experts provide their pairwise comparisons of criteria and alternatives using verbal expressions, which are then translated into fuzzy numbers.

Consistency Rate

Consistency Rate in Fuzzy AHP measures the consistency of expert judgments in fuzzy pairwise comparisons, ensuring reliable weight derivation.

Mathematical Analysis

Mathematical process assigns priority weights to hierarchy elements, reflecting their relative importance in decision-making through systematic calculations.


Synthesize priority weights at each level for decision-making, determining the best alternative or course of action in the final step.


Using fuzzy AHP software is easy: Draw a hierarchy diagram, Enter the pairwise comparisons and get weighted results automatically for decision-making.

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