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what is Fuzzy vikor?

Fuzzy VIKOR (VlseKriterijumska Optimizacija I Kompromisno Resenje) is a multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) method that combines the advantages of fuzzy logic and VIKOR. It’s used to evaluate and prioritize alternatives based on multiple conflicting criteria, handling uncertainty and imprecision in decision-making processes.

Fuzzy Vikor steps

Define Criteria

Identify the criteria and alternatives to evaluate

Fuzzy Matrix

Construct a fuzzy decision matrix with ratings given as fuzzy numbers

Normalize Values

Normalize fuzzy decision matrix values to make criteria comparable

Ideal Solutions

Determine the fuzzy positive ideal solution (FPIS) and fuzzy negative ideal solution (FNIS

Separation Measures

Calculate separation measures (Si and Ri) from FPIS and FNIS

Compromise Ranking

Compute the VIKOR index Qi and rank alternatives based on Qi

Fuzzy Vikor SOFTWARE

Fuzzy VIKOR software simplifies decision-making with a user-friendly interface, Excel compatibility, comprehensive help, a free demo version, no installation required, and editable projects.

fuzzy vikor software
Fuzzy Vikor books

Fuzzy vikor Books

The Fuzzy VIKOR Books section introduces books about the Fuzzy VIKOR method, explaining their content and significance. It offers concise descriptions of each book, outlining key concepts, methodologies, and applications to help readers understand and utilize Fuzzy VIKOR in decision-making processes.

Fuzzy vikor Articles

The Fuzzy VIKOR Articles section presents articles on the Fuzzy VIKOR method. It provides summaries of each article, highlighting key insights, methodologies, and practical applications, to help readers understand and apply Fuzzy VIKOR in decision-making scenarios effectively.

Fuzzy vikor articles
Fuzzy vikor FAQ

Fuzzy vikor FAQ

The FAQ section on Fuzzy VIKOR provides answers to common questions about the multi-criteria decision-making method. It clarifies concepts, such as fuzzy numbers, VIKOR algorithm, and its applications, helping users understand the technique and its implementation in decision-making processes involving uncertain and imprecise data.

Fuzzy vikor Example

The examples section on Fuzzy VIKOR showcases various case studies and scenarios where the method is applied to real-world problems, such as supplier selection, investment evaluation, and resource allocation. These examples illustrate how Fuzzy VIKOR can be used to prioritize alternatives and make informed decisions in uncertain environments.

fuzzy vikor example
Fuzzy vikor in blog

Fuzzy vikor in Blog

“In the blog, you can find diverse articles on the basics, steps, history, applications, examples, and more about fuzzy VIKOR and other methods, offering a clear and engaging understanding of this powerful decision-making method.”