Pairwise Comparison Tool

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pairwise comparison tool

With Pairwise Comparison Tool You Can:


1. Draw the Hierarchical Chart

2. Select/Create Your Own Scale or Fuzzy Scale

3. Questionnaire Preview

4. Send Questionnaire 

5. Retrieve the Excel file containing the responses

The “Pairwise Comparison Tool” is entirely cost-free.

Applicable for both AHP and Fuzzy AHP

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What does Pairwise Comparison Survey mean?

The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) serves as a framework for analytically solving hierarchical problems. In scenarios with numerous criteria or decisions, the significance or magnitude of each criterion may differ. The AHP method relies on pairwise comparisons. To analyze this framework, AHP surveys, commonly known as pairwise comparison surveys, must be prepared.

This entails comparing criteria in pairs for each question. In the Analytical Hierarchy Process, comprehensive comparisons are made among indicators, factors, criteria, sub-criteria, and options. These comparisons are anticipated both in the survey and during the analysis of output data


Considerations for designing Pairwise Comparison surveys

  • ¬†When establishing criteria, it is advisable to refrain from increasing the number of criteria and options excessively, as this can result in numerous pairwise comparisons leading to potential incompatibility.
  • Ensure that the survey encompasses pairwise comparisons for all criteria, sub-criteria, and options.
  • Design pairwise comparison questions to avoid confusion for respondents. For example, a suitable question could be: “To what extent is criterion A preferable to criterion B?”
  • Avoid using overly simplistic language in the question spectrum. For instance, refrain from asking, “How important is criterion A for you?” with response options such as “Too much | A lot | Average | Little | Too little.”