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what is Swara?

SWARA (Step-Wise Weight Assessment Ratio Analysis) is a multi-criteria decision-making method that evaluates and prioritizes options based on their attributes. It involves expert consultation to prioritize criteria and a weighting process to assign relative importance to each criterion, enabling a comprehensive evaluation and selection of the best alternative.

Swara steps

Rank Criteria

Rank criteria in order of importance, with most crucial criterion in first position

Calculate Significance

Evaluate comparative significance of average value, determining importance of each criterion

Determine Coefficient

Calculate coefficient k considering relative importance of each criterion

Recalculate Weight

Determine recalculated weight q, according k in previous step

Final Weights

Calculate final weight values W, ensuring they sum up to 1


Swara software offers a user-friendly interface, easy Excel import, and comprehensive help. Try the free demo version without installation. Edit each project with ease. The software provides step-by-step output in Word and Excel formats, making it easy to analyze and present your multi-criteria decision-making results

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Swara Books

A comprehensive collection of books on Swara methodology, featuring titles from renowned authors. Each book is listed with a brief summary, providing an overview of its content and focus. Explore the works of experts in the field, covering various aspects of Swara and its applications in decision-making

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stay updated on the latest research and developments in Swara methodology through our collection of articles. Written by experts in the field, these articles provide in-depth analysis, case studies, and practical applications of Swara in various domains, helping you stay informed and enhance your decision-making skills

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Swara FAQ

Get answers to your questions about Swara methodology in our comprehensive FAQ section. Covering basic to advanced concepts, steps, software, and implementation, this section provides clear and concise responses to common queries, helping you understand and apply Swara effectively in your decision-making processes

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This section provides a collection of examples demonstrating the application of Swara methodology in different areas. It includes case studies and scenarios that illustrate how Swara can be used to solve problems and make decisions, helping you understand its practical implementation.

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The blog section features articles and posts on Swara and other multi-criteria decision-making methods. It provides information, analysis, and discussions on various topics related to decision-making, including best practices, new developments, and applications, serving as a resource for those interested in the field.