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what is vikor?

VIKOR (Vise Kriterijumska Optimizacija I Kompromisno Resenje) is a multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) method. VIKOR is used to evaluate and rank alternatives based on multiple conflicting criteria. It’s particularly useful when dealing with complex decision-making problems that involve trade-offs between different criteria. The method provides a compromise solution by finding the closest to the ideal solution, considering the conflicting criteria.

Vikor steps

Problem Define

Identify decision-making problem, define goal, and determine alternatives to be evaluated.

Criteria Select

Determine relevant criteria for evaluating alternatives, considering conflicting and non-commensurable factors.

Matrix Create

Establish decision matrix with alternatives and criteria, ensuring all data is included.

Normalize Data

Normalize decision matrix to ensure dimensionless and unit-less criteria for fair evaluation.

Calculate Scores

Calculate utility and regret measures for each alternative using VIKOR formulas.

Rank Alternatives

Rank alternatives based on VIKOR index, selecting the best compromise solution.


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vikor Books

Explore our comprehensive collection of books on VIKOR, featuring renowned authors and experts in the field. Each book is accompanied by a brief summary, providing insights into the theory, applications, and case studies of the VIKOR method. Discover the latest research and advancements in multi-criteria decision-making.

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This section features a compilation of articles on VIKOR, a multi-criteria decision-making method. The articles cover theoretical aspects, applications, and case studies of VIKOR, providing an in-depth understanding of its principles, advantages, and limitations in various fields, including engineering, economics, and management.

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vikor FAQ

This section addresses common queries about VIKOR. It offers clear and concise explanations on VIKOR’s fundamentals, applications, and implementation, providing readers with a deeper understanding and enabling them to effectively apply the method in their decision-making processes.

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This section showcases a range of practical examples and case studies that demonstrate how VIKOR is applied in diverse fields, including engineering, economics, and management. These examples provide a step-by-step walkthrough of VIKOR’s implementation in real-world scenarios, making it easier to understand and apply the method.

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Explore our blog for a comprehensive range of content on VIKOR, covering fundamental concepts, historical background, diverse applications, and practical examples. Stay updated with the latest insights, tutorials, and expert opinions on VIKOR, enhancing your knowledge and skills in multi-criteria decision-making.