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Analytic Network Process (ANP) is an extension of AHP and is used for decision-making in complex systems where relationships between criteria and alternatives are not strictly hierarchical but form a network. ANP allows for the modeling of interdependencies and feedback among criteria.

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With ANP Software You can:

1. Build the Network Model

2. Input Data for Pairwise Comparison Tables

3. Obtain the Complete Report

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Why ANP Online Software?

User-friendly Interface

Easily Copy & Paste from Excel

Comprehensive Help

Free Demo Version

No installation Required

Edit Each Project

ANP Software Output Report:

  • Display and download  Network model
  • Weights assigned to criteria, sub-criteria, and alternatives
  • Inconsistency ratio for each pairwise comparison matrix
  • Download the pairwise comparison excel file related to each export
  • Retrieve the Word file
  • Retrieve the Excel file containing weights for criteria, sub-criteria, and alternatives
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anp features

ANP Software Features:

  • Simple design
  • Customize the visual representation of graphs
  • No restrictions on the quantity of criteria/sub-criteria
  • No limitations on the number of alternatives
  • Instant design capabilities
  • Export data without any limitations.
  • Examine the average judgments associated with the exported data
  • Calculate the Consistency Ratio (CR)
  • Easily copy and paste data directly from Excel.
  • Customize each project according to your requirements

ANP Software Screenshots:

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ANP Software Price:

Choose Your Plan
  • number of software run:

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  • number of criteria:

    number of criteria:
  • number of alternatives:

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  • number of experts:

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  • number of software run:

    Unlimited Projects
  • number of criteria:

    5 Criteria
  • number of alternatives:

    3 Alternatives
  • number of experts:

    1 expert
19 1 month
  • number of software run:

    5 Projects
  • number of criteria:

    10 Criteria
  • number of alternatives:

    10 Alternatives
  • number of experts:

    5 experts
39 2 months
  • number of software run:

    50 Projects
  • number of criteria:

    50 Criteria
  • number of alternatives:

    50 Alternatives
  • number of experts:

    10 experts
79 3 months
  • number of software run:

    Unlimited Projects
  • number of criteria:

    Unlimited Criteria
  • number of alternatives:

    Unlimited Alternatives
  • number of experts:

    Unlimited experts


What is ANP?

ANP, which stands for Analytic Network Process, is a decision-making methodology designed to address complex problems by taking into account the interdependencies among criteria and alternatives.

How does ANP differ from AHP?

Although both ANP and AHP are decision-making methods developed by Thomas Saaty, ANP distinguishes itself by extending AHP. ANP permits dependencies among criteria and alternatives, forming a more intricate network structure compared to the hierarchical structure of AHP.

What is the advantage of using ANP over other decision-making methods?

ANP offers a distinct advantage by encompassing both direct and indirect relationships among criteria and alternatives. This results in a more accurate representation of real-world decision problems, enhancing the comprehensiveness of the decision-making approach.

How does ANP software help in decision-making?

ANP software streamlines the creation of network models, facilitates pairwise comparisons, computes priorities, and generates comprehensive reports. This simplification makes intricate decision-making tasks more manageable and efficient

Is ANP software suitable for both small-scale and large-scale decision problems?

Certainly, ANP software is tailored to address decision problems across different scales. It proves effective for both small-scale issues and intricate, large-scale decision-making scenarios.

Can ANP software assist in group decision-making processes?

Indeed, ANP software commonly incorporates features conducive to group decision-making. This enables multiple users to collaborate, share their judgments, and collectively establish consensus on criteria weights and priorities.

Is online ANP software costly?

Online ANP software tends to be more affordable than non-online alternatives, offering flexible pricing options that can be customized to fit your budget and specific needs

What is a demo version of ANP software?

A demo version of ANP software is a limited edition of the software, providing users with an opportunity to test the essential features before deciding to make a purchase.