ANP software

(The Analytic Network Process)

anp software

ANP software is user freindly

1. Build the Network Model

2. Fill the pairwise comparison tables

3. Get the full result report

anp solver

Why ANP Online Software?

User friendly

copy and paste from excel

The complete Help

Demo version

No need to install

Editing each project

ANP Software result Report:

  • Display and download  Network model
  • Weights of criteria, sub-criteria and alternatives 
  • Inconsistency ratio for each pairwise comparison matrix
  • Download the pairwise comparison excel file related to each expert
  • Download the word file
  • Download Excel file of weights of criteria, sub-criteria, and alternatives
anp result
anp features

ANP Software Features:

Simple design
Change the graph appearance
No limit on the number of criteria/ sub-criteria
No limit on the number of alternatives
Instant design

No limit on the number of experts
Observe the average of experts’ judgments
Calculate the consistency ratio (CR)
The possibility to copy-paste data from Excel
Editing each project

ANP Software pictures:

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ANP Software Price:

Choose Your Plan
  • number of software run:

    number of software run:
  • number of criteria:

    number of criteria:
  • number of alternatives:

    number of alternatives:
  • number of experts:

    number of experts:
  • number of software run:

    Unlimited Projects
  • number of criteria:

    5 Criteria
  • number of alternatives:

    3 Alternatives
  • number of experts:

    1 expert
$19 1 month
  • number of software run:

    5 Projects
  • number of criteria:

    10 Criteria
  • number of alternatives:

    10 Alternatives
  • number of experts:

    5 experts
$39 2 months
  • number of software run:

    50 Projects
  • number of criteria:

    50 Criteria
  • number of alternatives:

    50 Alternatives
  • number of experts:

    10 experts
$79 3 months
  • number of software run:

    Unlimited Projects
  • number of criteria:

    Unlimited Criteria
  • number of alternatives:

    Unlimited Alternatives
  • number of experts:

    Unlimited experts


What is ANP?

ANP stands for Analytic Network Process. It is a decision-making methodology that handles complex problems by considering interdependencies among criteria and alternatives.

How does ANP differ from AHP?

While both ANP and AHP are decision-making methods developed by Thomas Saaty, ANP extends AHP by allowing for dependencies among criteria and alternatives, forming a network structure.

What is the advantage of using ANP over other decision-making methods?

ANP provides a more comprehensive approach by capturing both direct and indirect relationships between criteria and alternatives, resulting in a more accurate representation of real-world decision problems.

How does ANP software help in decision-making?

 ANP software simplifies the process of creating network models, conducting pairwise comparisons, calculating priorities, and generating comprehensive reports, making complex decision-making tasks more manageable.

Is ANP software suitable for both small-scale and large-scale decision problems?

Yes, ANP software is designed to handle decision problems of varying sizes. It can be used effectively for small-scale problems as well as complex, large-scale decision-making scenarios.

Can ANP software help in group decision-making processes?

Yes, ANP software often includes features to facilitate group decision-making, allowing multiple users to collaborate, share their judgments, and reach consensus on criteria weights and priorities.

Is online ANP software expensive?

online ANP software is cheaper than non-online software, and offers flexible pricing options that can be tailored to your budget and needs.

What is a demo version of ANP software?

A demo version of ANP software is a limited version of the software that allows users to try out the basic functionality of the software before making a purchase.