Fuzzy ANP software

(Fuzzy Analytic Network Process)

fuzzy anp software

Fuzy ANP software is user freindly

1. Build the Network Model

fuzzy scale

2. Select/create your own fuzzy scale

3. Fill the pairwise comparison tables

4. Get the full result report

why fuzzy anp sotware

Why Fuzzy ANP Online Software?

User friendly

copy and paste from excel

The complete Help

Demo version

No need to install

Editing each project

Fuzzy ANP Software result Report:

  • Display and download  Network model
  • Weights of criteria, sub-criteria and alternatives 
  • Inconsistency ratio for each pairwise comparison matrix
  • Download the pairwise comparison excel file related to each expert
  • Download the word file
  • Download Excel file of weights of criteria, sub-criteria, and alternatives
fuzzy anp report
Fuzzy ANP Software Features

Fuzzy ANP Software Features:

Simple design
Change the graph appearance
No limit on the number of criteria/ sub-criteria
No limit on the number of alternatives
Instant design

No limit on the number of experts
Observe the average of experts’ judgments
Calculate the consistency ratio (CR)
The possibility to copy-paste data from Excel
Editing each project

Fuzzy ANP Software pictures:

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Fuzzy ANP Software Price:

Choose Your Plan
  • number of software run:

    number of software run:
  • number of criteria:

    number of criteria:
  • number of alternatives:

    number of alternatives:
  • number of experts:

    number of experts:
  • number of software run:

    Unlimited Projects
  • number of criteria:

    5 Criteria
  • number of alternatives:

    3 Alternatives
  • number of experts:

    1 expert
$19 1 month
  • number of software run:

    5 Projects
  • number of criteria:

    10 Criteria
  • number of alternatives:

    10 Alternatives
  • number of experts:

    5 experts
$39 2 months
  • number of software run:

    50 Projects
  • number of criteria:

    50 Criteria
  • number of alternatives:

    50 Alternatives
  • number of experts:

    10 experts
$79 3 months
  • number of software run:

    Unlimited Projects
  • number of criteria:

    Unlimited Criteria
  • number of alternatives:

    Unlimited Alternatives
  • number of experts:

    Unlimited experts


What is fuzzy ANP?

Fuzzy ANP is an extension of the Analytic Network Process (ANP) that incorporates fuzzy logic to handle imprecise and uncertain information in decision-making processes.

How does fuzzy ANP work?

Fuzzy ANP combines the benefits of ANP and fuzzy logic to model complex decision-making scenarios. It uses pairwise comparisons and a network structure to analyze relationships between criteria and alternatives, while fuzzy logic handles uncertainty in the data.

What are the advantages of fuzzy ANP?

Fuzzy ANP provides a flexible framework for decision-making, accommodating imprecise data and subjective judgments. It helps capture the complexities of real-world problems and supports more robust and accurate decision-making processes.

What software is available for fuzzy ANP?

We have developed software specifically designed for fuzzy ANP analysis. Our software simplifies the modeling and evaluation process, allowing users to input data, perform calculations, and generate results efficiently.

Is the fuzzy ANP software user-friendly?

Absolutely! We have designed the software with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to navigate and utilize its features effectively.

What is a demo version of fuzzy ANP software?

A demo version of fuzzy ANP software is a limited version of the software that allows users to try out the basic functionality of the software before making a purchase.

What kind of data can I input into the fuzzy ANP software?

The software accepts various types of data, including pairwise comparison matrices for criteria and alternatives, linguistic judgments, and other relevant information for decision-making.

Can the software handle large-scale fuzzy ANP models?

Yes, our software is optimized to handle large-scale fuzzy ANP models efficiently. It utilizes computational algorithms to ensure timely and accurate calculations, even for complex decision-making scenarios.