A Brief Description of the Book

 The objective of the book is to provide materials to demonstrate the development of TOPSIS and to serve as a handbook. It contains the basic process of TOPSIS, numerous variant processes, property explanations, theoretical developments, and illustrative examples with real-world cases. Possible readers would be graduate students, researchers, analysts, and professionals who are interested in TOPSIS, a distance-based algorithm, and who would like to compare TOPSIS with other MCDM methods. The book serves as a research reference as well as a self-learning book with step-by-step illustrations for the MCDM community.


Pages i-xv
Multiple Criteria Modeling
Pages 1-16
Pages 17-31
TOPSIS Variants
Pages 33-79
Group Aspects of TOPSIS
Pages 81-113
TOPSIS for Decision Support
Pages 115-142
Sorting Problems by TOPSIS
Pages 143-158
Rank Reversal in TOPSIS
Pages 159-175
Other Related Methods
Pages 177-199
TOPSIS Applications
Pages 201-215
Pages 217-221