dea application

The value of data envelopment analysis (DEA) lies in its capability to relatively evaluate the individual efficiency or performance of a decision making unit (DMU) within a target group of interest that operates in a certain application domain such as the banking industry,healthcare industry,agriculture industry, transportation industry,etc.

All these industries practically adopt DEA for a variety of reasons ,as Golanyand Roll pointed out that it can be applied to:identify sources of inefficiency, rank the DMUs,evaluate management , evaluate the effectiveness of programs or policies,create a quantitative basis for reallocating resources,etc.[link]

some of dea application:

dea in Banking

dea in Health care

dea-in-Health care

 dea in Agriculture & farm

dea in agriculture

dea in Transporation

dea in transporation

dea in Education


dea in Power

dea in power

dea in Transporation

dea in transporation

dea in Energy and Environment


dea in Commuincation

dea in communication

dea in Finance

dea in finance

dea in Insurance

dea in insurance

dea in Tourism

dea in tourism

dea in Petroleum

dea in petroleum

dea in Fishery

dea in fishery

dea in Sport

dea in sport

dea in Construction

dea in construction

dea in Automobile

dea in automobile

dea in Retailing

dea in retailing

dea in Forestry

dea in forestry

dea in Water

dea in water

dea in Real State

dea in real state

dea in Software

dea in software

dea in E-business

dea in E-business

dea in Mining

dea in mining

dea in Other

dea in other